When Lives are at Stake

Law enforcement agencies are under more scrutiny than ever, which has left many officers feeling more susceptible to danger. PepperBall® systems offer the protection and power officers need to keep themselves and the community safe without taking any unnecessary risks. From everyday use that fits conveniently on your belt to more advanced tactical operations, there's a PepperBall system for every situation you'll face on the job. When lives are at stake, make sure PepperBall is within reach.

Protection for Almost Any Situation

PepperBall® is the most versatile non-lethal system available, allowing officers to deploy it in a wide range of situations. PepperBall's many uses include:

  • Anti-riot
  • Combative suspects
  • Vehicle interdiction
  • Non-compliant individuals

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PepperBall Training Classes For Patrol

The need for an updated approach to daily patrol incidents has never been greater as officers are often confronted with agitated and combative subjects, that refuse to comply with verbal requests. We offer the following training courses ideal for law enforcement professionals:

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