A Changing Landscape

Police are under increased scrutiny when using force. Community groups, advocates and other local, state and federal agencies are demanding that police resolve potentially violent encounters while minimizing the use of force and significantly reducing the use of deadly force. This is especially true in encounters with people experiencing a mental crisis, homelessness or drug addiction. As such, police agencies are looking for more effective means of enacting compliance or behavior change without seriously injuring the subject.

Adaptability and Versatility

PepperBall provides a non-lethal solution for law enforcement specifically in daily patrol situations, that allows officers to deploy as needed in their communities while minimizing the risk of serious injury. Additionally, the PepperBall system addresses many situations officers face daily in the field including:

  • Anti-riot
  • Routine Patrol Encounters
  • Traffic Stops
  • Domestic Interventions
  • Area Denial
  • Barricaded Suspect
  • Suicide-by-Cop
  • Building/Field Searches
  • Mental Health
  • Vehicle Standoff
  • High-Risk Warrants
  • Event Security
  • Animal Control
  • Combative suspects

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PepperBall Training Classes

The need for an updated approach to daily patrol incidents has never been greater as officers are often confronted with agitated and combative subjects, that refuse to comply with verbal requests. We offer the following training courses ideal for law enforcement professionals:

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