Trusted By Over 10,000+ Agencies Worldwide

Designed to be used sooner and from a safer distance than other force options, PepperBall® is the most versatile and powerful non-lethal technology on the market. PepperBall has been widely adopted by a variety of agencies including the Phoenix and Omaha Police Departments, the U.S. Army and Marines and numerous global agencies. It is equally trusted by both urban and rural law enforcement agencies, and with an impressive track record spanning over two decades, PepperBall has consistently demonstrated its capability to align with both the operational demands of various agencies and the safety considerations of communities.

Effective Protection from a Longer Distance

The PepperBall system is proven effective from distances up to 150 feet, giving you more range and more time to make a critical decision. The combination of powerful, accurate launchers and versatile, effective projectiles allows you to accomplish your mission safely even without a clear line of sight. Situations that require action are never as easy as point and shoot. PepperBall was designed to work in those tough situations where other tools simply can't get the job done.


Your Complete Non-Lethal System for Every Mission

No matter what your mission is, PepperBall is at your side to help you do it safer. Trusted by over 5,000 agencies worldwide, here are some of the many situations where the PepperBall system is helping officers do their job safer:

  • Anti-riot
  • Area denial
  • Armed attacker
  • Building security
  • Border security
  • Cell extractions
  • Civil disobedience
  • Combative suspects
  • Drug labs
  • Event/VIP security
  • Force-on-force training
  • High-risk warrants
  • High-risk transports
  • Inmate control
  • Non-compliant individuals
  • Standoffs
  • Searches
  • Interdictions

Used Sooner And More Effectively

When you have only a fraction of a second to make a difficult decision, PepperBall makes your decision easier. With unrivaled range and accuracy, the PepperBall system can be used sooner and more effectively than any other tool at your disposal. That means you can stay safe and get the job done without immediately moving to lethal force and all the tragic problems that often come with it.

There's a big difference between less-lethal and non-lethal. And safety means nothing if it doesn't also protect the user. PepperBall provides powerful, effective protection that ensures you can disable an assailant and accomplish your mission while staying safe.

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