Non-lethal options for law enforcement have become increasingly important as agencies seek effective means to control situations without causing permanent harm. Deployment accuracy is a factor that can directly impact officer safety, community well-being, and the potential outcomes of critical situations.


When law enforcement officers are equipped with accurate non-lethal tools, it offers far-reaching benefits:

  • Enhanced decision-making: Accuracy empowers officers to confidently choose the appropriate level of force required for the situation. Non-lethal options become more viable when officers can place projectiles where they intend. 
  • Minimizing risk: Accurate projectiles reduce the potential for unintended consequences, safeguarding civilians, suspects, and officers alike. 
  • Liability mitigation: Agencies face lower liability risks when non-lethal solutions perform predictably, minimizing the potential for misinterpretation or collateral damage. 
  • Community trust: Demonstrating a commitment to accuracy helps build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Predictable outcomes and precision deployment reduce anxiety and promote a perception of care and responsibility.

PepperBall manufactures the most accurate projectile in the industry. 


The PepperBall team understands these benefits, and it's why accuracy stands as a core principle within the patented design of PepperBall projectiles. PepperBall projectile accuracy is demonstrated by three critical factors:

1. Batch weight consistency.   2. Payload fullness    3. Size consistency

All three of these elements contribute to the unparalleled performance of PepperBall projectiles in the field.

The Significance of Weight Consistency 

When it comes to projectile manufacturing, precision begins with the consistency of each unit's weight. This consistency is pivotal for ensuring that each projectile behaves predictably upon deployment, as the trajectory of a projectile is significantly influenced by its weight. Lighter projectiles tend to exit the launcher at higher velocities, making them more susceptible to aerodynamic effects that can alter their path. Conversely, heavier projectiles, moving at slower velocities, are less affected by such external factors.

Maintaining a uniform weight across projectiles minimizes variability in their trajectories, enhancing overall accuracy. At PepperBall, meticulous attention to weight ranges is a cornerstone of the manufacturing process. This process, refined over decades and spearheaded by a team of seasoned engineers and chemists, sets the stage for projectiles that consistently meet high standards of accuracy.

The Role of Full Payload 

Another factor that significantly impacts the accuracy of a projectile is the fullness and even distribution of its payload. An uneven payload can cause a projectile to wobble during flight, adversely affecting its trajectory. PepperBall has addressed this issue by employing specialized equipment designed to ensure that each projectile is filled evenly, eliminating the risk of imbalance.

The Importance of Size Consistency 

The interaction between a projectile and the barrel of its launcher is critical to achieving accuracy. This fit must be precise; too tight a fit can impair the projectile's release, while too loose a fit can introduce variability in velocity and, consequently, accuracy. PepperBall projectiles are manufactured with an unwavering commitment to size consistency, ensuring an optimal fit with the launcher barrel and, by extension, consistent deployment.

In law enforcement, every encounter has the potential to escalate. While not all situations demand pinpoint accuracy, those moments where precision is non-negotiable require the right tools.The PepperBall commitment to precision offers law enforcement agencies the most accurate non-lethal projectiles on the market. This translates into safer resolutions, better decision-making under pressure, and the potential to de-escalate situations with the utmost control.


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Published on Mar 04, 2024