LAKE FOREST, IL, June 11, 2024  -- In recent years, the focus on de-escalation in law enforcement has grown significantly, and in response, the PepperBall® system has emerged as the leading non-lethal solution for modern law enforcement. Designed to offer law enforcement a way to manage confrontations without resorting to lethal force, the PepperBall system uses projectiles that incapacitate subjects from a safe distance. Its role in modern policing aligns with the shift toward more humane and community-friendly law enforcement practices.

"De-escalation techniques are designed to peacefully resolve conflicts, reducing the need for force, and lowering the risk of harm. This approach is crucial not only for protecting everyone involved—police officers and community members alike—but also for maintaining public trust in law enforcement," said Monte Scott, Vice President of Training for PepperBall. "Departments implementing these tactics through use of the PepperBall system have seen reductions in use-of force complaints, officer-involved shootings, and injuries to officers and citizens. The training resources provided by PepperBall are pivotal for building a culture of de-escalation and responsible use of force among law enforcement agencies."

The PepperBall system is comprised of air-powered launchers and PAVA or inert powder-filled projectiles. On impact, these projectiles burst, releasing a cloud of organic irritant that incapacitates a suspect or threat. This non-lethal approach allows officers to engage subjects from up to 150 feet away, reducing the likelihood of physical confrontation or use of lethal force.

At the heart of integrating the PepperBall system into law enforcement protocols is a robust training program, essential for equipping officers with the skills and insights needed to leverage this technology effectively within their de-escalation strategies. The PepperBall team includes more than 35 Master Instructors located around the country with a wide range of experience in law enforcement, military, corrections, and security. These Master Instructors are highly disciplined in delivering a consistent and relevant hands-on training experience that enhances officers' situational awareness and hones their decision-making skills under pressure.

The PepperBall system has been instrumental in providing law enforcement agencies across the United States with a non-lethal alternative for safely resolving high-tension incidents. Through its adoption in daily patrol routines and specialized interventions, the system has demonstrated remarkable versatility and effectiveness in a wide range of situations, from dealing with armed individuals to preventing self-harm and managing agitated subjects. Law enforcement across the country have integrated the PepperBall system to enhance public safety including Phoenix, AZ; Omaha, NE; St. Paul, MN and El Paso, TX. The system's de-escalation potential has also proven beneficial at correctional facilities including USP Leavenworth and Onslow County Detention Center.

A study by the RAND Corporation highlights the significant benefits of non-lethal options like PepperBall for police forces, focusing on the reduced psychological impact compared to lethal methods. These tools offer law enforcement a way to manage threats and maintain safety

without the severe consequences of using deadly force. The research points out that using non-lethal methods can help officers avoid the trauma and regret often associated with lethal encounters, supporting operational goals while keeping public trust intact.

"The critical role of non-lethal options in modern law enforcement cannot be overstated. The PepperBall system represents a significant advancement in this area, offering agencies a versatile and effective tool for de-escalation, compliance, and enhanced safety," said Scott. "We work with law enforcement chiefs and other responsible parties to share the value of adopting PepperBall solutions as part of their agencies' toolkit. By implementing these systems, law enforcement can lead by example in the adoption of innovative technologies that support peaceful resolution of conflicts and the protection of human life."

About PepperBall®:

PepperBall is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-lethal law enforcement solutions that de-escalate confrontations, safely change behavior and ultimately save lives. For over two decades, PepperBall has been the trusted non-lethal partner for law enforcement, correctional and military professionals worldwide, and over 20 million PepperBall projectiles have been safely deployed. Based in the US heartland, PepperBall stands behind each product with an industry-leading commitment to training and service.


Published on Jun 11, 2024