our mission

Our mission is to ensure you can safely execute your mission. As a complete non-lethal compliance system, PepperBall is a safe, effective, and simple-to-use alternative that can be used in a wider range of situations than any other product on the market.

our history

PepperBall was originally developed in 1996 by Jaycor as a non-lethal weapon alternative for government agencies and commercial markets. Since being brought to market in 1998, more than 10,000 agencies have trusted PepperBall as their go-to solution for non-lethal defense.

The PepperBall system is designed, manufactured, and marketed by United Tactical Systems (UTS) of Lake Forest, Illinois. The UTS production facility manufactures all projectile materials in-house to exacting standards.

How It's Made

The heart of the PepperBall system is the projectile and the UTS team of engineers, designers, scientists, and craftsmen have spent decades developing the precision PepperBall launchers, proprietary powder formulas, shells, and automation manufacturing equipment. This work continues today to ensure that officers can control crowds, disable assailants, and accomplish their missions while minimizing the risk of death or serious injury to the public and law enforcement officers.

Our Training

The PepperBall team includes over 35 Master Instructors located around the country with a wide range of experience in law enforcement, military, corrections, and security. These Master Instructors are highly disciplined in delivering a consistent and relevant hands-on training experience. From Seattle to Chicago, Miami to London, Ecuador to Hong Kong, no matter what your mission is, our instructors are here to help you protect what matters most.

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What people are Saying


"We have used PepperBall products for many years with great success in gaining inmate compliance with fewer injuries and less use of higher force options. We are very happy with the results."

Idaho County Jail Supervisor

"The deployment of PepperBall to create an irritating PAVA cloud kept crowds at a distance and our officers safe."

St. Paul Police Department Officer

"The PepperBall training is second to none and courses have been completed by thousands of officers. In addition, the annual certification cost for PepperBall costs 75% less compared to annual certification for less-lethal options."

NTOA Representative

"We have a 90% plus success rate when we deploy PepperBall in the field."

Tulsa Police Department