Making Prisons a Safer Place

Corrections officers need to be ready for anything, and they have to respond while keeping inmates safe. With the PepperBall® system at the ready, corrections officers can do their job effectively and safely without resorting to deadly use of force. PepperBall provides unmatched safety and flexibility for almost any situation in a prison. That's why the Federal Bureau of Prisons uses PepperBall systems during cell extractions and other situations that require safe inmate control. If you want to keep inmates under control without sacrificing the safety of your officers, you need PepperBall on your team.

Versatile Non-Lethal Protection

PepperBall® is the most versatile non-lethal system available, allowing corrections officers to deploy it in a wide range of situations. PepperBall's many uses include:

  • Anti Riot
  • Building Security
  • Cell Extractions
  • High Risk Transports
  • Inmate Control
  • Non-compliant Individuals

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Training from Experienced Professionals

Our Master Instructors have decades of law enforcement, corrections, military, and other non-lethal deployment experience to ensure you know how to operate your PepperBall system safely and effectively.

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