During a calculated use of force or cell extraction, a team leader has a lot of responsibilities. Individuals involved in these types of stressful incidents can become “caught up” in the moment. At times the use of force can even begin to take on its own momentum. One tactic that team leaders can employ to prevent this is the Tactical Pause.

A tactical pause is exactly what it sounds like, an intentional break during an incident to evaluate and assess. A chance to process information set priorities, and determine whether or not there is a need for further action.

Implementing a tactical pause requires training, as officers need to recognize when such a pause is beneficial and how to execute it without compromising safety. It's also essential to strike a balance, as there are situations where immediate action might be necessary.

PepperBall provides you with many tactical options for most situations. As an example, a calculated cell extraction is a great opportunity for a smart leader to include a tactical pause.  

  • A tactical pause can allow time to assess the effectiveness of PAVA or PepperBall impacts.
  • Allows time for inmate compliance.
  • Allows the operator time to choose alternate target areas
  • Allows the operator time to transition to another force level, tool, or tactic.
  • Provides an interval for maintaining and ensuring responder and subject safety.
  • Can provide assessment of any additional or developing threats.
  • Can allow prioritization of threats.
  • Can reduce heightened emotional response from responders as well as inmate(s).

Published on Sep 06, 2023