Working in corrections is a tough job that demands only the best tools that can take everyday use. The Full Tactical Carbine launcher or FTC™is the non-lethal workhorse of corrections. Since 2016, the compact and rugged design has proven itself in numerous uses of force in yard or large area disturbances. The unobstructed 10.5” barrel allows you to deploy through tray slots, between bars and even through chain-link.

At less than three pounds (2.9lbs/1.3kg), sling the FTC on your side and be ready to deploy up to 160 rounds from its gravity-fed hopper, or combine it with the electric-powered EL-2 hopper for up to 10 rounds per second.

The FTC’s flexible air source allows a compact or shoulder fired configuration. Either way, you can combine your FTC with an 88g disposable CO2 cartridge that can deliver up to 100 rounds or a 13 cci High-Pressure air tank that can deliver 180 rounds per refill.

The FTC is the industry gold standard for crowd-control and cell extractions where accuracy and reliability is a factor. The military standard rail platform on this versatile launcher allows the addition of your favorite optics and gives you multiple options for deployment. From direct impact of 0-60 feet, to area saturation out to 150 feet, or add a PepperBall Splitshot™ to the end of the barrel and use your FTC for irritant expulsion at the tray slot. The Splitshot’s design turns each PepperBall into a cloud of PAVA as it leaves the barrel.

The Full Tactical Carbine is the right launcher for your facility. Whether you need the accuracy for your next cell extraction, or the large hopper capacity for a yard disturbance, the FTC is the air powered launcher you can depend on.

Michael Cantrell

Published on Sep 03, 2023