PepperBall® Announces the Launch of the Redesigned TAC-SA PRO™ and TAC-SA PRO PLUS™ at SHOT Show 2024

PepperBall ®, the leader in innovative non-lethal law enforcement solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned TAC-SA models - the TAC-SA PRO™ and TAC-SA PRO PLUS™ at this year’s SHOT Show, booth 72205. These launchers represent the latest advancements in non-lethal response solutions and are tailored to meet the diverse needs of law enforcement professionals.

Introducing the TAC-SA PRO: A New Benchmark in Operational Efficiency

The TAC-SA PRO, a .68 caliber semi-automatic non-lethal launcher, is specifically designed for high-intensity scenarios, including daily patrol, crowd management, and riot control. It stands out for its ability to rapidly disperse PAVA across large areas and controlled spaces, ensuring operational teams can effectively manage high-intensity situations. The TAC-SA PRO delivers 10-12 rounds per second, combining a high-capacity 30 cubic inch air system with a 160-round hopper for extended use without frequent reloads. Its durable yet lightweight glass nylon construction ensures robustness and ease of handling. The recoil-free operation of the TAC-SA PRO enhances accuracy and control, making it an essential tool for law enforcement in any demanding situation.

The TAC-SA PRO PLUS: Elevated Performance for Advanced Needs

Building upon the solid foundation of the  TAC-SA PRO, the TAC-SA PRO PLUS offers enhanced features for even greater effectiveness. This premium launcher includes a removable red dot sight, a folding stock, and an upgraded 17 cubic inch 4500psi capacity carbon fiber tank, providing a noticeable boost in performance. Like its counterpart, the PRO PLUS delivers a rapid firing rate of 10-12 rounds per second and is constructed from durable yet lightweight aluminum and [SQ1] filled nylon. Its high capacity and compatibility with genuine PepperBall round projectiles, combined with an intuitive design, make the TAC-SA PRO PLUS a top-tier choice for law enforcement officers facing a variety of challenging scenarios.

"These redesigned launchers are a testament to PepperBall’s commitment to innovation and excellence in non-lethal solutions for agencies," said Carl Sims, PepperBall Director of Training. "The TAC-SA PRO and TAC-SA PRO PLUS are set to redefine the standards of effectiveness and reliability in non-lethal tools for day-to-day patrol."

For more information, please visit PepperBall at SHOT Show, Booth 72205, or contact Katherine Riley at for media demonstration opportunities.


Published on Jan 23, 2024