New PepperBall VXR Live-Maxx and All Other PepperBall Projectiles Will Continue to be Manufactured in Lake Forest, IL

LAKE FOREST, IL. (November 7, 2022) — PepperBall®, a world leader in powerful, safe, and effective non-lethal personal defense solutions, has announced the availability of the PepperBall VXR™ Live-MAXX™ projectile. The PepperBall Live-MAXX formulation uses the exclusive PepperBall MAXSAICIN™ process, which means more PAVA stays airborne, increasing bioavailability and effectiveness. The finned VXR platform gives users enhanced distance, up to 150 feet, with unparalleled accuracy in projectile deployment.

The Pepperball team of engineers, designers, scientists, and craftsmen have spent decades developing the precision PepperBall launchers, proprietary powder formulas, shells, automation manufacturing equipment and inspection and verification processes that make up the PepperBall system. This work continues unabated today to ensure that officers can control crowds, have options for daily patrol, disable assailants, and accomplish their missions while minimizing the risk of death or serious injury to the public and law enforcement officers.

PepperBall also re-affirmed they will continue to manufacture their industry leading projectiles, including the VXR LIVE-MAXX, at their Lake Forest, IL, USA location. The Company is also investing in its sales, marketing, and operational resources to match the continued increase in demand for PepperBall products. PepperBall Customer Service and Technical Support, which have always been USA based, are now operating out of the Lake Forest location as well.

"We are honored to continue protect American jobs that support the brave men and women who serve our country and its citizens,” said Bob Plaschke, CEO of PepperBall. “As we look to the future, nothing is more important than providing cutting-edge non-lethal life-saving options such as the VXR LIVE-MAXX projectile for law enforcement, corrections and the military,” finished Plaschke.

For more information on the VXR LIVE-MAXX click here.


Published on Nov 07, 2022