“First Response,” is a podcast series hosted by PepperBall CEO Bob Plaschke.

Episode 2: Mike Milstein

In this episode of "First Response," Bob Plaschke interviews Mike Milstein, Deputy Director of Community Policing for the Chicago Police Department. This episode offers a nuanced look at the complexities and triumphs of community policing. 

Mike shares insights on his responsibilities, emphasizing proactive engagement over reactive measures. With 200-300 officers dedicated to community policing within Chicago's 12,000-strong force, the focus is on fostering positive, non-enforcement interactions with the public. Mike underscores the importance of building trust, particularly in historically underserved and marginalized communities. 

Mike discusses the impact of media portrayal on public trust in police and the importance of cultural competency in policing. He highlights the need for specialized responses to mental health crises, advocating for mental health professionals to handle such situations. Mike also shares his journey from activism to policing, stressing that both police and communities often aim for the same goals, despite differing approaches.ontrol instructor and has led special response, disturbance control and canine teams over his career.


Published on Jun 13, 2024