PepperBall introduces LIVE-MAXX™, the most potent and powerful projectile yet.

PepperBall has introduced the all-new PepperBall Live-Maxx™ projectile. While the PepperBall Live-X and Live-Maxx projectiles have the same basic ingredients and concentration levels, that is where the similarities between the formulas end.

Live-Maxx is created using a proprietary formulation process appropriately named Maxsaicin. This process was developed using a combination of a PhD chemist and over 50 years of engineering experience in the manufacture of PAVA powders. The Maxsaicin process allows the PAVA in the formulation to attach itself chemically and mechanically to the lightweight ingredients in the overall powder formulation. This means that in a cloud created by a ruptured projectile, there is significantly more PAVA remaining airborne and available for inhalation. This is referred to as the PAVA being more bioavailable. It is this bioavailability that

makes the Live-Maxx projectiles so potent and effective.

“Live-Maxx is the most powerful and effective projectile we manufacture,” said Michael Varacins, CTO of PepperBall. “When combined with the unmatched accuracy and breakage characteristics PepperBall is known for, this new Live-Maxx formula projectile will provide a serious tool for the most demanding situations.”

Since the Live-Maxx formula uses all the same ingredients as the more traditional Live and Live-x projectiles, it can be handled and treated the same way and poses no new hazards.

The Live-Maxx will be featured at the PepperBall booth 72205 at Shot Show, January 18-21, 2022, Las Vegas, NV.

Learn more about LIVE-Maxx here.


Published on Jan 12, 2022